Speaking of letters to the editor…

Posted on August 9, 2010


Here’s a good one:

Rob Ford should have the right to publicly state a personal belief, as he did on the issue of same-sex marriage. It is astonishing that a political figure who supports traditional marriage is vilified by his election opponents, both gay and heterosexual, because his beliefs are seen as homophobic and offensive to gay-rights supporters.

What hypocrisy by these candidates in a democratic election campaign for the mayor of Toronto, the so-called city of inclusiveness, to verbally assault Mr. Ford’s right to freedom of belief and freedom of speech on an issue of personal morality. A true democracy respects and defends the right of individual opinion and dissent that is expressed peacefully.

John R. Merrick, Markham, Ont.

Could somebody please tell Mr. Merrick that the charter does not guarantee freedom from criticism? Freedom of speech means that the state cannot sanction you for what you say. It does not mean that you are immune from public censure if you say something stupid or offensive. Especially if you happen to be running for political office. Geez.