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Repurposing Christmas: A Holiday Post for Non-Theists

December 26, 2010


About a week ago, a friend invited me to a Shambala Buddhist Children’s Day celebration at a local temple. At the time I was busy packing for my trip home, and I know embarrassingly little about my friend’s religion, so I nearly didn’t go. I was eventually convinced by another invitee to tag along, and […]

What G20 Justice Would Actually Entail

December 23, 2010


It looks like the courts, the mainstream media, and maybe (dare I suggest?) the government are finally starting recognize that something went severely wrong with the policing of the G20 protests this past summer. Recently, the Ontario Ombudsman concluded that the police were, in fact, vastly overstepping their bounds, and that the conduct of the […]

Dominion Media Coop Sneers while Diplomats in Cancun make Small but Definite Progress on a Global Emergency

December 12, 2010


So, in case you haven’t been paying attention, something pretty awesome happened last week. Negotiators at the UN Climate Summit in Cancun, Mexico, managed to salvage a negotiations process that nearly fell apart in its early stages to come up with a new accord detailing global efforts of climate change mitigation and adaptation. From BBC’s […]

A Modest Proposal for Climate Justice and Students’ Rights

December 10, 2010


This has been a very exciting week for politics. COP16, Julian Assange’s arrest, Cablegate, and the student protests have all been important news items of the past few days. It’s inevitable that there will be some intersections between them. This hit home for me as I read in one of the many blogs I perused […]

Some Thoughts on the British Tuition Protests

December 10, 2010


  In this post, I’m going to butt my nosy face into political matters even farther away from me than Toronto! If you’re at all interested in student activism, you should have been following the Student protests in London and resulting police brutality that occurred today. I’ve been trying to mark papers despite the presence […]

Fish in a Barrel: Don Cherry

December 9, 2010


The bad news is that Rob Ford is still mayor of Toronto, having failed to fall victim to a convenient lightning strike, federal indictment or lucrative job offer someplace else. The good news is that he keeps serving up good blog material on a silver platter. His latest craziness happened at his inauguration ceremony. You […]

The Ethics of Political Disruption

December 7, 2010


One positive side-effect of my participation in NaNoWriMo is that it has given me an awful lot to blog about. At the beginning of November, I decided that having two writing projects on the go at once would probably drive me to madness. I therefore decided to forget about my blog for a little while. […]