Random Thought: Prosecuting Sarah Palin?

Posted on January 22, 2011


I’m going to briefly comment on this, but I need to preface my post with two relevant details:

1) I’m becoming more conflicted about the whole Sarah Palin liable for incitement thing. There seems to be mounting evidence that the man who attacked Rep. Giffords was not politically motivated.

2) I realize that what Wikileaks proposes will never actually happen.

That being said, I think that trying Palin is actually a great idea, regardless if her guilt. If she’s liable, then her political career is formally finished and she will be appropriately sanctioned for her actions. If exonerated, then US politics can return to the status quo, and political debates can return to being about policy, rather than campaign tactics. A fair and impartial* analysis of the situation would be quite useful.

*I realize that, things being what they are, fair and impartial would be difficult.