Bad, Misogynist History at Waterloo

Posted on March 16, 2011


I have some good posts coming down the pipe. Within the next few days, I’ll hopefully be writing something about political abstraction. I’ll also offering some ethical thoughts about the imminent nuclear disaster in Japan, and I’ve got some scathing words for a few prominent atheists. But I’ve been really busy and tired and stuff lately. Plus, I’m working on a totally rad Minecraft project. For now, however, I offer you this poster that showed up at the University of Waterloo:

Good heavens, I’ve never made this connection before! Marie Curie can rightfully be called the mother of nuclear physics, and nuclear physics created the Atomic bomb! I must therefore accept that all women are bad and would probably be better off if they were kept out of positions of power.

This revelation has some disturbing consequences. As a historian of science, I’ll have to give some thought to what other scientists did work that may have had unfortunate consequences. I guess the creationists are right to hold Charles Darwin responsible for ethnic cleansing, so the British Aristocracy should not be in charge of anything. I should probably add Gregor Mendel to that list as well, so monks are right out. Louis Pasteur and Antoine Lavoisier can be said to have respectively created biological and chemical weapons respectively, so I guess I should cancel my French class. Neither Karl Benz nor Henry Ford is really a scientist, but if they had not developed the automobile then we wouldn’t be facing such severe climate change today, so I guess it’s time to disband the entire engineering profession. That’s a shame; I like having roads and bridges and computers and stuff. Of course, the entire scientific framework that lead to technological ills from atomic bombs to automobiles would be impossible without the fundamental laws of motion, so that means that I have to condemn Isaac Fucking Newton.

I could go on. Newton owes a lot to Euclid, who in turn owes a lot to Pythagoras. No more authority for the Greeks. Is there any conceivable demographic that has not produced a scientist who is somehow distantly responsible for an atrocity? I need to think hard about this. I just don’t know who I can trust anymore

…Or I could reject the starting premise because holding half the human race responsible for something that was a distant and unforeseeable consequence of the actions of a single person over a century ago is fucking ridiculous. That sounds a lot easier.