Stephen Harper is Shrill

Posted on March 28, 2011


Orwell’s Bastard has a great idea:

“We can’t let Harper and his armies of Attack ParrotsTM (h/tdeBeauxOs) make this all about notional coalitions. It’s a lying, cynical narrative, but it appeals to lazy corporate-media types because it doesn’t require any thought, research or reflection.

Or do we engage him on his own turf, but subvert the coalition fearmongering, and, in a feat of political and rhetorical jiu-jitsu, turn it against him? One humble suggestion: every time a Harper slimebot brings it up, we just dismiss it as “shrill.”

Lovely word, that. Just the right amount of negative connotation without crossing the line into bias. We’re not going to get lazy shallow corporate media types to start using words like “arrogant” or “lying” or “contemptuous,”but I think we can get them to buy into “shrill.”

Every time one of the silly bastards uses the C-word, we jump on it and make sure it’s associated with the word “shrill.” Soon enough, not a single Harperbot anywhere will be able to say the C-word without people thinking “shrill.”
This is exactly the kind of aggressive, strategic thinking that we on the Left need to do more of. It’s the only way we’ll deal with that shrill whining about a hypothetical coalition. We have to beat the Conservatives at their own game.