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Two Quick Thoughts

April 30, 2011


1. Everybody needs to calm down about the NDP. The Orange Wave is causing mass hysteria in both the Red and Blue camps. Harper is appealing to Liberals to help stop Jack Layton, and at least a few Liberals have obliged. I’ve got facebook friends from all sides of the political spectrum saying that a […]

Newsflash: Jack Layton is not Bob Rae

April 30, 2011


From the Globe and Mail: “In his most pointed attack yet on surging NDP Leader Jack Layton, Harper told 700 supporters at an invitation-only rally at the Club Roma banquet hall that the spectre of New Democrats in power should be especially worrisome in Ontario. “’Get the big decisions wrong and it will take a […]

Limited Memory and Misplaced Priorities in the Globe and Fail

April 28, 2011


I haven’t been keeping up with my promised election posting schedule over the past few days, mainly because I had to mark my way out of a giant pile of first-year history exams. I thought I’d get a break after the required three straight days of marking, but no sooner had I finished than this shit […]

Why You Should Vote Strategically

April 25, 2011


This is scary. The NDP’s latest surge, while encouraging in BC and Quebec, is threatening to split the anti-Conservative vote in a few crucial swing ridings. We are in danger of giving Stephen Harper five years of unfettered ability to take our country in whichever direction he wants. If Harper gets a majority, it won’t […]

More Toxic Lefty Partisanship

April 24, 2011


Apparently, the Liberals and NDP have not read my post from last night, as they haven’t immediately called off the partisan games and united against Harper. If anything, the counterproductive lefty squabbling. Yesterday, Michael Ignatieff dismissed the NDP platform as “science fiction”. My favourite science fiction author had something to say about that: @RobertJSawyer Robert […]

A Plea to the Left: Stop the Infighting!

April 23, 2011


The worst possible thing that could have happened in this election campaign has happened. The Liberals and the NDP have turned away from the Conservatives and started campaigning against one another. Check out this new Liberal ad: The NDP have a similar message, presented in non-video form on this website.  Nobody should be particularly surprised […]

What if the recession was a zombie plague?

April 22, 2011


I wouldn’t really be doing my job if I didn’t do an issue post on the economy, but I’m starting to find these election issue posts a bit tedious. This makes me think that if you have been following, you probably do as well. So how can I make a post about Stephen Harper’s mishandling […]