An Idea: Let’s Encourage Even More Conservative Message Control

Posted on April 6, 2011


It seems that I’m not the only person who Stephen Harper is afraid of. Over the past few days, two people have been kicked out of Harper rallies that they had pre-registered for: one for environmental activism, and one for having a picture of Michael Ignatieff on her Facebook profile. A bunch of Guelph students who hosted a non-partisan rally announcing their intention to vote were also excluded from a Conservative campaign event.

It’s obvious what the Conservatives are worried about here: They don’t want activists sneaking in with hidden placards and disrupting the political homogenity of the crowd. So here’s my idea: We do exactly that. We justify their fear. If Dimitri Soudas’ fears are realized then he will have no choice but to continue to screen campaign event attendance, which will continue to make the Conservatives look bad. The side-benefit is that we get to break up the meaningless hyper-partisan campaign events that are taking away from discussion of the real issues in this election.

So if Harper or a Conservative cabinet minister shows up in your town, do whatever you can to get into his event, then make a scene. It could be a big scene or a small scene, but make sure that his staffers know you were there. Let’s push them even farther into their shell.