The Liberal Co-optation of G20 Violence

Posted on April 12, 2011


You’ve gotta give the Grits some credit for their turnaround time, if nothing else. The news about Gazebogate just dropped yesterday, which means that some poor animator must have been toiling all night on this:

Generally speaking, I like it. It’s aggressive, it’s factual, it’s specific, and it just might be able to capitalize on the same public outrage that allowed the Conservatives to boot out the Liberals over adscam five years ago. There’s just one thing that bugs me. The end of the ad features footage of G20 police violence, used as an illustration of the “Billion Dollar Boondoggle” that the summit represents.

The summit was, indeed, a billion dollar boondoggle, and I take no issue with the Liberals’ use of the price tag as part of their campaign messaging. It was, however, much much more than that. The arrests, the property damage, and the countless physical and psychological injuries that the police inflicted on with impunity are far more important than any monetary sum. The Liberals’ use of the footage is dishonest because it suggests that they will take action on the abuses that occurred during the G20 summit, when in reality they have expressed no such intention. Michael Ignatieff was silent on the issue last summer, and the current Liberal platform contains only a brief reference to RCMP reform.

The Liberals did not speak out against what their academic leader must have known was a violation of Canadian law, and since then they have done nothing to bring any of the perpetrators of this massive criminal conspiracy to justice. When it comes to police violence, the Liberal Party of Canada is part of the problem. We shouldn’t let them use footage of G20 police violence in their campaign advertising until they take definite steps to become part of the solution.