Rise Up against Ignatieff’s waffling.

Posted on April 17, 2011


This video is pretty inspiring:

Or rather, it would be inspiring, if it weren’t for this video:

You’re right, Mike. We are in a funny place in this election campaign. You could have gone farther and said that we’re in a funny place in the history of Canadian democracy. Our democratic institutions are is under attack by a Prime Minister who so much more respect for his economic doctrine than he does for the health of Canadian democracy. You’re right to say that we need to get rid of him, you’re right to say that this is about our country and our democracy and you’re right to say that it goes beyond the Liberal party.

But you’re not kidding anyone on the left. If this was about the country you love, then you would not have ruled out the option of a coalition. If it was not about you, then you would express your willingness to use any means necessary to ensure that when the smoke clears, Stephen Harper is no longer Prime Minister. If this was not about the Liberal Party of Canada, then you would have been willing to champion the cause of the majority of this country that does not want to put up with Stephen Harper’s autocracy, even if not all of them voted Liberal.

Your campaign has thus far produced two notable slogans. The first is the blue door/red door dichotomy you presented on the first day of the campaign. The second is the command to “rise up”. The two are irreconcilable. Either you are persuading voters to choose the red door, or you are asking Canadians to rise up against our regressive, autocratic Conservative government. You can’t have both, and I hope you choose the second.