More Toxic Lefty Partisanship

Posted on April 24, 2011


Apparently, the Liberals and NDP have not read my post from last night, as they haven’t immediately called off the partisan games and united against Harper. If anything, the counterproductive lefty squabbling. Yesterday, Michael Ignatieff dismissed the NDP platform as “science fiction”. My favourite science fiction author had something to say about that:

Robert J. Sawyer

Robert J. Sawyer
Mr. Ignatieff: Science fiction is reasoned extrapolation based on rigorous research, so I guess I better vote NDP.
Witty, but it saddens me to see my favourite writer engaging in the same partisan feuding. Between that, and the fact that he didn’t do a Halifax book tour stop for WWW: Wonder, I might just have to give his latest book a bad review or something.*
But I digress. It really needs to be strongly stated by us in the progressive majority that this kind of conduct is fucking unacceptable. I’ve already had my go at it, but here’s another, much more articulate, take on the matter from Patricia Pearson’s Post:
“I’m angry at the NDP. Why? The system is broken, and you’re not fixing it, and you’re asking me to behave as if it doesn’t matter that you’re not trying to fix it.
By system, I mean that a vote for you translates, once again, into a vote for Stephen Harper, the most odious and manipulative politician I have ever seen operate in Canada.
You know this, that he’s relying on a split centre-left vote, and yet you’re not offering any solution. On the contrary, the NDP is bolstering Harper’s credibility by going after the Liberals. Tripping up Ignatieff every which way, whenever you can find dirt, or suitable rhetoric.
You are putting ego, and traditional party ideology, ahead of the good of our nation. You know that you can’t win as a party, yet you are ensuring that the Liberals cannot win either. Even though you surely know that a Harper majority would spell disaster for everything that you – and I – hold dear.
Let me be clear. Harper is not a folksy man who may disagree with other parties, but is willing to compromise. You know that.”
Hear Hear, Mrs. Pearson. This is our election to lose. Unfortunately, the knobs in front of the red and orange doors seem solidly bent on losing it for us. Grow up, guys.
*I could never do that. I can’t wait to read Wonder. Now if only I could find it in a local bookstore…