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Has Left-Wing Political Discourse Become an Echo Chamber?

May 31, 2011


I’ve been living at my parents’ house in Markham, Ontario for nearly a month now, and life in the suburbs is really starting to wear on me. Chief among my frustrations is the fact that I have very little common ground with my family when the conversation turns to anything more substantial than the latest […]

Ezra Levant gets Owned by Yet Another Matthew

May 27, 2011


Ezra Levant is throwing a fit because some music he doesn’t like got a government grant. The music in question is a punk band called Living with Lions, and Ezra Levant is angry because they named their most recent album, which he almost certainly has not actually listened to, “holy shit”, and depicted Jesus Christ […]

Anarchism is Oppression.

May 25, 2011


Anarchism is very common in left-wing political organizing. There is no progressive cause whose advocates do not include at least a few who are bent on turning society on its head. Environmentalism has its radical neo-agrarians , the struggle for distributive justice has its class warriors, and feminist blogger Twisty Faster reminds us that the […]

Fair Voting Part 3: Why Now is the Time

May 20, 2011


On Monday I explained why we need to get rid of the first past the post system, and on Tuesday I looked at two possible systems that might replace it. All those debates, however, will be for naught if we can’t actually make it happen. While a Harper majority is perhaps the government least conducive to electoral […]

Fair Voting Part 2: Ballot Ranking

May 18, 2011


Yesterday, I wrote about how much our voting system sucks. The gist of it: First past the post doesn’t allow us to make any real progress on difficult issues, a minority that is in denial of the problem can take advantage of the proactive majority’s disagreement regarding how the problem should be solved. Our current […]

Fair Voting Part 1: Why Vote Splitting Helps Nobody

May 17, 2011


This past week I have demonstrated my ability to get up at 6AM on a regular basis if my employment demands it. But if there’s an important rally about reforming our voting system, you can count on me to show up at least an hour after the speeches start. That was the case this past […]

STFU Margaret Wente: An Analysis of Profitable Political Provocationism

May 12, 2011


Westboro Baptist Church. If the mention of that name doesn’t immediately induce some measure of rage, then I would like to kindly welcome you to the internet and inform you that the Westboro Baptist Church is generally considered to be the worst group of people currently alive. They travel around the United States, usually to areas […]