Partisan stupidity crosses party lines.

Posted on May 1, 2011


I’ve already been quite clear that a Harper majority will mean a total disaster for the country’s democratic, social, and ethical institutions. Our elected parliament would become entirely meaningless, our social services would be gutted, and we would continue to see no action on ethical issues like climate change and torture allegations. Real people would suffer a great deal from this. Thousands of Canadians would be thrown in jail, many for such non-offenses as non-violent drug crimes or simply being a refugee. The privatization of social services would mean that poverty would have a much greater negative effect. Without investigation of the G20 police brutality and the Afghan torture allegations, our military and police might be comfortable with further abuses of their powers.

There are, nevertheless, some who would prefer to see this election as a game. The attitude seems to be that if their team can’t win this round, they should just set themselves up for a victory in the next, regardless of what Faustian bargain would be required to make that happen. Case in point: Blunt Objects.

“That’s right Liblogs and Progblogs and whoever else – I frankly no longer care if we stop Stephen Harper and the Conservatives from getting a majority.

No self-respecting Liberal should. I see others saying that if the NDP is the way to stop Harper, then so be it, we should welcome that. I disagree, heartily. I think at this point, Liberals should realize that our Party is in a major crisis and we need to pull out of it, before we allow ourselves to become more irrelevant than we ever would be under a Conservative majority – being regulated to third party status is not anything close to a good idea.

I don’t like Harper anymore than other people, but I realize that the man is not the worst thing in the world. He is an idiot, something of a bigot, and I do worry about the direction our country would take under his reign. But I realize all these things as a Liberal, and I want to stop them as a Liberal, because I realize that it is our Party that has the right ideas, temperment, and yes,leadership, to provide what it is that this country needs. That’s why I’ve spent my time volunteering for the Liberals, that’s why I donate to them. I didn’t sign up just to let the bloody NDP, who I will say once again, I will never vote for, take our spot.

No, we must focus on retaining the Liberal Party’s spot in this country’s political order. If we ever want a shot at government again, its imperative that we do. Otherwise we might as well just pack up the thing right now. And as I said, I will not vote or support the NDP, and I will not support a merged political entity that gives more power to the NDP. I have major doubts I’d support an NDP-led coalition. After all, what the Hell makes people think Jack Layton is better than Harper? Just because he’s a social democrat, doesn’t mean he’ll not wreck this country any less – in fact, I’d put more faith in Jack screwing things up than Harper. This doesn’t leave someone like me, and there are many of us out there, with many options, does it?”

I realize that most Liberal partisans are not this sociopathic. But partisans of all the non-Conservative parties would do well to call out this kind of attitude whenever it arises. A party that will sell out the country in order to further its own interests is a party that probably should become irrelevant. Conservative partisan advantage is, in fact, largely what got us into our current mess. A choice between the survival of one’s favourite party and the health of the nation should always be decided in favour of the latter.