Election Day

Posted on May 2, 2011


Well guys, it’s been a slice. This campaign began with a two-year old political stalemate, and proceeded to make Canadian politics more exciting than it has ever been before. Coalition speculation! Debates about debates! Vote mobs! Students thrown out of rallies! An NDP surge! The list goes on. Any media outlets that persist in calling this election unexciting have clearly not been paying attention.

Today, we get to exercise a right which people around the world are risking their lives for. Our system may not be perfect, but we have an opportunity tomorrow to use it to better our nation. We have a decent chance to throw an authoritarian out of office, give social democracy a new place in our national political sphere, and maybe even elect an entirely new party to the House of Commons. That being done, we can get on with important work like addressing climate change, seeking justice for the victims of the G20, addressing income inequality, and fixing our electoral system.

So today, make sure you do your democratic duty and vote. And whatever you do, don’t vote Conservative. If you live in a riding where there is a close race between a Conservative and another candidate, then I encourage you to consider voting strategically.

After that, just make sure you cross your fingers as we all watch the CBC coverage tomorrow night.