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Anders Behring Breivik and Capital Punishment

July 26, 2011


Now that the smoke has cleared and we know that Friday’s attacks in Norway were committed by a Norwegian ultra-nationalist, the inevitable excited discussions about his punishment have begun. The first thing to note here is that this question, while it is certainly being asked in workplace lunchrooms all over the Western world, is the exclusive […]

The Oslo Attacks are Not an Excuse for Bragging

July 23, 2011


I know it’s tempting. When the news from Oslo started to arrive, many on the right tripped over themselves to be the first one to blame Islam for the attacks. Before the smoke had even cleared, guests on Sun News were blaming the attacks on Obama’s passivity in the face of radical Islam, and south […]

A Cyclist’s Defense of Car Lanes

July 21, 2011


I am not a driver. I have a license, and I occasionally drive the family car when I’m staying at home, but the personal automobile is not my preferred way to get around. I find it frustrating and stressful. Driving means taking my life into my hands as I control a one ton machine while it hurtles […]

Calculators, Railroads and Spam: Some Thoughts on Regulation and Innovation

July 19, 2011


Check out this video of Milton Friedman talking about a calculator and the railroads: The oversized LCD calculator that Friedman displays in the beginning does a lot to date the video, but anybody with any experience in the interminable and politically polarized dispute over government interference in the market will know that the argument he […]

It’s Time to Reconsider the Canadian Monarchy

July 4, 2011


I hope that my university friends, who are mostly staunch monarchists, don’t get too angry with me about this one. Seeing as the mainstream media is currently engaged fawning over the brief visit of a certain newly married couple from Britain, I can’t help myself. I don’t want to lop off anybody’s head; least of […]