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Occupy Edinburgh Day 14: The Robin Hood Tax

October 29, 2011


Occupy Edinburgh has grown some more. Far from fizzling out as the weather gets colder, the occupation has flourished. Fully one half of St. Andrew Park is covered in tents. Yet despite the numbers now living there, the site is remarkably well-run. There are maintenance tents as well as pavilions both for serving food and organizing and a […]

Reflections on a Basilica Part 2: In Defense of a Humanist Cathedral

October 27, 2011


I promise that I’ll be done bragging about my trip to Belgium after this. First, however, I need to share one more thought I had on Sint Pieters Basilica in Ghent. Last time around, I explained why non-theists should not want to deprive the religious of the emotional impact of such spaces. Now, however, I’m […]

Reflections on a Basilica Part 1: Why Skeptics Need More Empathy

October 25, 2011


I’ve been out of town for the past five days, and so today I don’t have very much to say about Occupy Edinburgh. There are upcoming posts on the subject, to be written once I’ve revisited the encampment, but for now I’m going to finally give in to something we all knew was coming ever […]

Occupy Edinburgh Day 3: Demands

October 17, 2011


I was busy today, so I didn’t make it down to the occupation as I did over the weekend. Tonight’s blog post is therefore going to be a little bit more theoretical. I’m going to address one of the major criticisms of the movement: that it is aimless and lacks specific objectives. I’ve seen this […]

Occupy Edinburgh Day 2: Mythbusting

October 16, 2011


It was less than twenty-four hours between yesterday’s visit to the Edinburgh occupation and my first trip there today, but it was obvious that a lot had changed during that time. The site looked neater, and was a flurry of activity as activists worked to establish a semipermanent presence in the park. As of my […]

Early Reflections on Occupy Edinburgh

October 15, 2011


I was in the highlands for the past two days, and my train didn’t get into town until about 4 PM today, so I was a late arrival to the small protest encampment that has now been established in St. Andrew Square. I missed the initial setup and only had a brief, conicidental encounter with […]

An Open Letter to the Window Smashers

October 11, 2011


Dear Window-Smashing Anarchists, I must confess that I am somewhat confused as to why I keep finding you at political rallies. My understanding of your political philosophy is that you want to hang the last bureaucrat with the entrails of the last capitalist. Giving you the benefit of the doubt and assuming that the extreme […]