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Book Review: Collapse, by Jared Diamond

June 4, 2011


Ezra Levant would make a terrible lumberjack: Notice how he takes a few seconds to even figure out how to work the chainsaw that he so clumsily wields against the potted shrubbery in his studio? Funny stuff. Ezra Levant’s rather predictable incompetence with power tools is not the most remarkable thing about this video, however. […]

Book Review: The WWW trilogy, by Robert J Sawyer.

May 5, 2011


The series’ three books, alliteratively titled Watch, Wake and Wonder to make up the trilogy’s playful, center around a fascinating premise: Through a vaguely plausible mechanism involving mutant data packets, the internet gains self-awareness. Meanwhile, an elaborate neuro-electronic implant being installed to help a blind teenage girl see for the first time, accidentally winds up […]

Book Review: The Trouble with Billionaires by Linda McQuaig and Neil Brooks

March 2, 2011


  Have you ever been in an argument with an economic libertarian? One of the most predictable things is that sooner or later they will paraphrase Margaret Thatcher: “Socialist governments traditionally do make a financial mess. They [socialists] always run out of other people’s money. It’s quite a characteristic of them.” I think that economic […]

Book Review: Economyths, by David Orrell

August 20, 2010


I picked up this book because I realized that I hadn’t read anything that wasn’t on a computer screen in over a month, and I love to read anything that critiques mainstream economics, which I have always held with a high degree of suspicion. The book, which promises to “reveal…ten ways in which economics has […]