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An Open Letter to Richard Dawkins on the New College of Humanities

June 8, 2011


The situation in the United Kingdom is quite instructive on the effects of austerity measures: they lead to disaster. Canadians would do well to learn from this; Cameron’s policies are a good indication of what Harper has in mind for Canada. Take the education reform bill which was their first meaningful flashpoint in the history of […]

Why Tax Freedom Day is Silly

June 7, 2011


It’s Tax Freedom Day! According to the Toronto Star, which should really know better than to write about this nonsense, Tax Freedom Day is “the day when the average Canadian family has worked enough to pay its total tax bill to all levels of government for 2009. That’s assuming, of course, they had forked over […]

Limited Memory and Misplaced Priorities in the Globe and Fail

April 28, 2011


I haven’t been keeping up with my promised election posting schedule over the past few days, mainly because I had to mark my way out of a giant pile of first-year history exams. I thought I’d get a break after the required three straight days of marking, but no sooner had I finished than this shit […]

What if the recession was a zombie plague?

April 22, 2011


I wouldn’t really be doing my job if I didn’t do an issue post on the economy, but I’m starting to find these election issue posts a bit tedious. This makes me think that if you have been following, you probably do as well. So how can I make a post about Stephen Harper’s mishandling […]

Skeptical Voting

April 16, 2011


Partisan Hackery Alert: In this post, I defend the Green Party. A facebook friend of mine recently linked to a blog post, entitled “Don’t Not Vote for the Anti-Science Green Party” by a self-described skeptical biochemist. The gist of it is summed up by this quote: “I will never vote for a political party that […]

The Liberal Co-optation of G20 Violence

April 12, 2011


You’ve gotta give the Grits some credit for their turnaround time, if nothing else. The news about Gazebogate just dropped yesterday, which means that some poor animator must have been toiling all night on this: Generally speaking, I like it. It’s aggressive, it’s factual, it’s specific, and it just might be able to capitalize on […]

Election Issue 3: Taxes and Spending

April 12, 2011


Lots of people claim to be anti-tax and anti-government spending, but very few actually mean it. This is evidenced by public opinion in our largest city, which elected a moron to run it a few months ago. A few days ago, the more sensible Torontonians spoke up about Ford’s reign of civil service cuts by […]