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Why The Practicality Trolls are Wrong

May 11, 2013


I’m going to start by coining a phrase: Practicality troll. n. One who blames young people for their own economic misfortune, on the grounds that they chose an impractical education or career path. Practicality trolls are not hard to find. One only needs to find a news article about the economic situation of today’s young people. Whether […]

Jack Layton’s remembrance must be political.

August 22, 2011


There are few worse ways to wake up on a lazy Monday morning than by hearing that the leader of the opposition, a true visionary who brought his party to a historic breakthrough, has died of cancer. Seriously, fuck cancer. There’s nothing I can say that hasn’t already been said, but I am nevertheless happy […]

It’s Time to Reconsider the Canadian Monarchy

July 4, 2011


I hope that my university friends, who are mostly staunch monarchists, don’t get too angry with me about this one. Seeing as the mainstream media is currently engaged fawning over the brief visit of a certain newly married couple from Britain, I can’t help myself. I don’t want to lop off anybody’s head; least of […]

One Year Later

June 28, 2011


I tried to write a post on the G20 anniversary yesterday, where I made a carefully constructed argument about the necessity to remember what happened a year ago in downtown Toronto or some other thing. It didn’t work. I found myself somewhat paralyzed as I tried to type it. For the first time in several […]