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The Fallacy of Comparative Justice

June 12, 2012


The identification of logical fallacies is a really clever philosophical innovation, because it catalogues all the most common bad arguments, so that they do not need to be exhaustively refuted every time they crop up. is a great example of how this concept can be put to good use. Unfortunately, however, this concept has thus far […]

The Rent is Too Damn High

May 15, 2012


A rather dismal statistic has been making the rounds of the internet recently: There is not a single American state in which a minimum wage job will provide sufficient earnings to pay the rent on an average two-person apartment. The findings are summarized in the image below: In 2011, there were 73.9 million people in […]

Pro-Life rhetoric demeans us all.

April 27, 2012


I’ve avoided the abortion issue thus far for a few reasons. Firstly, the recent prominent political debates around abortion in Canada have centred around local questions of access which, while incredibly important, deal primarily with finicky policy issues that I don’t know very much about. The much more important reason for my silence on the issue is […]

Smart, but not rational.

February 7, 2012


Yesterday, George Monbiot released a highly controversial column in which he called all right-wingers stupid. This is a sentiment commonly heard in private liberal company, but Monbiot’s bluntness will be shocking even to those who completely agree with him: “It feels crude, illiberal to point out that the other side is, on average, more stupid […]