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My Official G20 Police Complaint Report

November 19, 2011


In all the excitement about Occupy Wall Street evictions, I almost forgot to share this. On the Monday after the Toronto G20 police riot, my friend and I were stopped on our way to the anti-police brutality demonstration in front of the police headquarters by a group of uniformed police officers, who stopped us and […]

Occupy Edinburgh Day 2: Mythbusting

October 16, 2011


It was less than twenty-four hours between yesterday’s visit to the Edinburgh occupation and my first trip there today, but it was obvious that a lot had changed during that time. The site looked neater, and was a flurry of activity as activists worked to establish a semipermanent presence in the park. As of my […]

Early Reflections on Occupy Edinburgh

October 15, 2011


I was in the highlands for the past two days, and my train didn’t get into town until about 4 PM today, so I was a late arrival to the small protest encampment that has now been established in St. Andrew Square. I missed the initial setup and only had a brief, conicidental encounter with […]