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My Official G20 Police Complaint Report

November 19, 2011


In all the excitement about Occupy Wall Street evictions, I almost forgot to share this. On the Monday after the Toronto G20 police riot, my friend and I were stopped on our way to the anti-police brutality demonstration in front of the police headquarters by a group of uniformed police officers, who stopped us and […]

Occupy Edinburgh Day 2: Mythbusting

October 16, 2011


It was less than twenty-four hours between yesterday’s visit to the Edinburgh occupation and my first trip there today, but it was obvious that a lot had changed during that time. The site looked neater, and was a flurry of activity as activists worked to establish a semipermanent presence in the park. As of my […]

An Open Letter to the Window Smashers

October 11, 2011


Dear Window-Smashing Anarchists, I must confess that I am somewhat confused as to why I keep finding you at political rallies. My understanding of your political philosophy is that you want to hang the last bureaucrat with the entrails of the last capitalist. Giving you the benefit of the doubt and assuming that the extreme […]