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A Quick Note on Taxation and Innovation

June 3, 2012


  Libertarians frequently cite innovation as a key reason to cut taxes, simplify regulations and reduce the size of government. A good example of this argument can be found in Sun Microsystems founder Scott McNealy’s essay on Mitt Romney’s campaign website: Sun Microsystems, which I co-founded way back in 1982, began with only four employees. […]

The Worst Possible Time to Explode: Zeppelins and the Multi-Level Perspective

February 11, 2012


I’ve decided to start writing about my academic work on this blog.  Science and technology are among the most important forces shaping our world today, so it is very strange and unfortunate that there is very little popular understanding of the complex origins theories we use to understand the world and the devices we use […]

Calculators, Railroads and Spam: Some Thoughts on Regulation and Innovation

July 19, 2011


Check out this video of Milton Friedman talking about a calculator and the railroads: The oversized LCD calculator that Friedman displays in the beginning does a lot to date the video, but anybody with any experience in the interminable and politically polarized dispute over government interference in the market will know that the argument he […]